Más imágenes del Supra Euro Tour

3 agosto 2012 por Javier Menéndez

La gente de Supra Footwear sigue de ruta por nuestro continente y ya han publicado nuevas fotos en su blog. Nos hemos hecho un clásico “copia-pega” y aquí las tienes para tu uso y disfrute. Mooooola…



The posse in the van on the way to the signing. 

The third leg of the SUPRA 2012 European Tour began in Stuttgart, Germany with a signing at Arrow and Beast skate shop followed by a demo at the Pragfriedhof skate plaza (with Skate Deluxe).

(L to R) Keelan Dadd, Flo Mirtain, Stevie Williams, Kevin Romar, Furby, and Lucien Clarke signing at Arrow and Beast.

Erik Ellington is directing traffic and signing some posters with Lucien and Spencer Hamilton.

Boo Johnson, hard flip to front board. If that trick looks unusual to you, that’s because it is: it’s rarely been done, if ever, before this.

Helder Lima (SUPRA Germany team rider), f/s tailslide, heelflip out. 

Furby enjoying a well deserved day off after making one of the biggest kickflips ever. Soon, you will see it soon enough. 

Spencer with a half Cab big spin, to nose manual, to b/s 180 

“Good to see you.” —Lizard

Boo, b/s smith up the rail. 

Spencer, half Cab big spin to feeble. 

Lucien Clarke, b/s flip fakie nose grind. 

Terry Kennedy, krooks. 




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